mai 31st, 2010 Håvard

Tour de Sognefjell (English)

Tour de Sognefjell («sognefjellsrittet») is a mini version of Jotunheimen Rundt,  starting at Lom on Saturday at 13:00 hrs.

The fastest of the participants cycled through the Bøverdalen valley, across the mountains, out alongside the Lustrafjorden, past Hafslo and crossed the finishing line in Sogndal in less than five hours. Most participants use between six and eight hours, and reach the finishing line at about the same time as the head of the record-breaking group in the JR.

he starting point at Lom is the open area between the stave church and the school. Here is plenty of space for both bicycles and cars. At the same place, the Tour de Jotunheimen participants come in from Valdresflya – to a hot meal and a rest. When reaching Lom, they have passed two thirds of the Jotunheimen Rundt.

From Lom, we therefore have two groups of riders – the ones who have just started on their 137 kms of the Tour de Sognefjell, og the ones who at this point have cycled nearly 300 kms already. Together they roll down the valley of Bøverdalen, past Elvesæter, Krossbu, Sognefjellshytta, Fortun, Skjolden, Luster, Gaupne, Hafslo – down to the charming seaside at Sogndalsfjøra, where a colourful finishing area awaits the tired competitors.

A mountain bike is well suited for the Tour de Sognefjell. Nearly half the distance is ascending terrain, and the last part up to the Sognefjellshytta is rather steep. But a good mountain bike will help you avoid problems. Tour de Sognefjell is intended for those who are not ready for the long trail. A family of several active riders should consider the Tour de Sognefjell. After the most ambitious riders have gone off on the Jotunheimen Rundt from Lærdal (Friday evening / Saturday morning), the others enter the bus via Sogndal to Lom.

Last year, the Sognefjellet mountain showed itself from a wet side, and a lot of people passed some time at the Sognefjellshytta freezing – the most attractive rest/food station in Norway – where they were served fresh waffles with jam and sour cream. After that, they had an easy part down to the next «waffle station» at Dale school at Luster. From here, there is only 45 kms to the finishing line in Sogndal.

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