november 28th, 2017 Jørgen Ulrik Berg

JR English

Tour de Jotunheimen Jotunheimen – “home of the giants” This central part of the mountainous part of southern Norway so well known to all Norwegians for its role in Nordic mythology. Here we find all the highest peaks in Norway. We start at Lærdal, and the trail follows the E16 along the beautiful Lærdal Valley, past the famous Borgund stave church and across the Filefjell mountain. After passing the Nystuen Mountain Hotel, we cycle along the Vangsmjøsa lake, through Vestre Slidre and down to Fagernes. From there, the trail follows route 51 to Randen. This road leads you through (and over) the mountains of Jotunheimen! You will pass some of the most breathtaking sceneries of the Valdres area. Enjoy the view from the Valdresflya – mountains, peaks, glaciers. Route 15 leads you to Lom. From there, you follow the Sognefjellet road through Bøverdalen valley, before the steep descent past Turtagrø to Fortun and Skjolden.The trail continues alongside the Sognefjorden – the longest fjord in Europe – past Gaupne, until you reach the destination in Sogndal. By then you have covered 430 kms!


This is a highly demanding track with plenty of climbs ( 4609 m), and a couple of extremely tough descents. Make sure you are well prepared! This tour should not primarily be a race, it is meant for those who enjoy bicycling. Enjoy the nature, and take your time at the 7 food stations along the trail. At Lom we will serve a simple dinner. Here, beds are also available for anyone who care to relax before starting the climb to the highest point of the Sognefjellet (1440 m above sea level).


We will do our best to give you an unforgettable trip. We wish you welcome to Sogn and to the race!

Jotunheimen Rundt